Freitag, 13. Juli 2018

Sendung 11. Juli

Stichwort: "arbeiten zu müssen"

Autoritär - Working In The Factory
Violent Headache - Condemned To Work
Luta Armada - Slave Work
Masskontroll - Work Is Horrendous
Riot/Clone - Work Or Die
No Defences - Work To Consume
Poison Girls - Dirty Work
Confuse - The Worker
Dust Noise - I Hate Work
Godstomper - Born To Work
To The Point - All Of Your Co-Workers Are Douche Bags
Man Is The Bastard - Work To Death
Y - Obliteration Work
D.S.-13 - Work Buy Consume And Die
The Horror - Work And War
Massgrave - We Pay To Be Slaves
Phobia - Taxes At Work
Cyness - Arbeitszwang
Subhumans - Work.Rest.Play.Die + Get To Work On Time

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