Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2018

Sendung 27. Juni: "Spezialausgabe One-Man Bands"

"Programa especial One-Man Bands"

Killing Technology - Misanthrope Command
Discum - The Price Of The War
Total Silence - Raining (Missiles Again)
Contrast - Life
Warcorpse - Civilized Bloodbath
Displode - Hard Side Of The Life
Electric Funeral - Winter In The North
Besthöven - Silencio Macabro
Merciless Game - Untitled
Na-Die - Paz Armada
Disbrigade - Puñalada
Беда - You Can't Change
Tribünal - Downward Spiral
Gutterskull - Disaster Never Ends
Disaxis - I Don't Fucking Care
Disthory - Bombas De Odio
Panopticon - Sheep in Wolves Clothing
Toxic Holocaust - Send Them To Hell

Nächste Sendung: Mittwoch 11. Juli um 20 Uhr
Proximo programa: Miercoles 11 de Julio a las 20 Hs

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