Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2015

Sendung 30. Dezember: "Rückblick 2015"

Massgrave - Death Trap
Phobia - Loud Proud And Punk As Fuck
Bloody Phoenix - Low-Life
Lebenden Toten - Near Dark
Detestation - Class Warped
Vorkriegsphase - Das Ende Der Welt
Potential Threat - Nuclear Threat
Anti-System - Animal Welfare
Suffer - Numbered
Tumult - Das Leben Ist Ein Haufen Scheisse
MK-ULTRA - These Things I Believe
What Happens Next? - Stereotypical Male Fantasies: Marketed By Men, Enacted By Women
Anarcrust - One Way To Death
3-Way Cum - Government Arseholes
Exenteration - A Night Out In Zombie Town
Warvictims - A Better Tomorrow
Dispense - Disorder
Wolfpack - Riot Bob
Dishonorable Discharge - Cowards Attack
Kontatto - Napalm Attack
Napalm Death - Sacrificed
Violent Headache - Police Brutality
Raw Noise - Two Colossal Nuclear Genocides

Nächste Sendung: Mittwoch 13. Januar um 20 Uhr
Proximo programa: Miercoles 13 de Enero a las 20 Hs.

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