Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2015

Sendung 17. Juni: "V/A Compilations"

"Compilados de Varios Artistas"

The Insane - Last Day (Punk And Disorderly)
Kalashnikov - Schlueters Kabinet (P.E.A.C.E.)
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Life Of Punishment (P.E.A.C.E.)
Vengeance - No One Listens (Not So Quiet On The Western Front)
Inferno - Perfekter Mensch (Welcome To 1984)
Civil Dissident - 20th Century Holocaust Pt. II (Cleanse The Bacteria)
Doctor And The Crippens - Pink Machine Gun + The Garden Centre Murders (Hardcore Holocaust)
Legion Of Parasites - Dying World (Bollox To The Gonads, Here's The Testicles)
Ominous Omen - Iodine (Chaos Of Destruction)
Odpadki Civilizacije - Vojna-Smrt (Hard-Core Ljubljana)
Dispense - Disorder (Distortion To Hell)
Murder Disco Experience - Robots (I Can Only See A Better World Built On The Ashes Of This One!)
Acid Rain Dance - Schreiende Leiber (Whispers! - Compilation)
Sarcasm - Suppression (Crust And Anguished Life)
Flash Gordon - W•A•C•K•O Boy! (Tomorrow Will Be Worse)
Toccata & Bulla - America Cierra Tu Puño!! (South America In Decline)
Röjers - Soldiers Of Hell (Stockholms Mangel)

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