Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

Sendung 27. August

Stichwort: "Krieg"

Warvictims - Först Hiroshima, Sen Nagasaki
Anti-Cimex - War Machine
Discharge - Massacre Of Innocents (Air Attack)
Excrement Of War - Just One Bomb
Battle Of Disarm - In The War
Warhead - Go Fly
Warcollapse - Begging For Death
Doom - War Crimes
Disclose - Fear of the War
Giftgasattack - War
Visions Of War - Bury The Confusion
Massgrave - Black Death
After The Bombs - Bloody Aftermath
Driller Killer - This Means War
Nuclear Death Terror - The Darkest Age
Disgust - The Result Of War
Warcry - The Face Of War
Cluster Bomb Unit - War In Your Living Room
Bolt Thrower - Tank (Mk.I)

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