Samstag, 23. November 2013

Sendung 20. November

The Crucifucks - When The Top Comes Off
Circle Jerks - Question Authority
The Stupids - Always never fun
The Offenders - On The Crooked Edge
M.I.A. - Cold Sweat
The Accüsed - Buried Alive
No Comment - Jugular Scars
Rorschach - Oppress
Devoid Of Faith - Shark Fin Soup
Limp Wrist - Twelve Years of Church
Monster X - The Final Frontier
Kalashnikov - Vivi In Un'era Di Caos Psichico
René Binamé - Djil copiche
Initial Detonation - Did You
Antiproduct - Dead Heroes, Dead Dreams... + ...War Is Prostitution
Onslaught - Witch Hunt

Nächste Sendung: "Spezialausgabe Spanien" Mittwoch 4. Dezember um 20 Uhr
Proximo programa: "Especial España" Miercoles 4 de Diciembre a las 20 Hs.

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